I have experts reaching out to me who have learned…

Wednesday, 31 May 23, 16:15

I have experts reaching out to me who have learned sales techniques, marketing, and so on from other trainers. They managed to build functioning and profitable businesses around their expertise, but they are overwhelmed with work...

Those experts turned business owners wage a lonely battle to the point when they can't grow anymore or free themselves from operational tasks. And that's when they start to think and ask the right questions...

❓Why isn't my business easier?

❓What did I do wrong?

❓Why, even though I'm making money, can't I scale or break free from operational work?

The answer?

If you don't have the mindset of a strategic entrepreneur, you will always be searching for more techniques, tricks, and workarounds, and you will never free yourself from operational work in your own business.

? by Peter Majewski


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