I've been helping small business owners market and sell courses and other services online since 2000. Recently as a founder of IMPLE and Ventureday


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I've been helping small business owners in growing their sales and business using online marketing since 2000 (when I was 17). I've taught marketing or consulted more than 10.000 business Clients (big and small), over 150.000 readers and many Polish online marketing experts. I've wrote 2 books on doing business online - one, which became an instant bestseller, was the first that comprehensive Polish book on a subject of e-business.

I've been selling all kinds of knowledge and business services online since 2002. I've brought product launches to Poland in 2008 and selling by webinars a year later. I'm a self-taught marketer and growth hacker who created his own success without any own or outside money - just with doing clever, content and viral marketing for over 15 years now.
Google Keyword Tool has been suggesting only one name as a synonymous for Polish word "e-business" and it was "Piotr Majewski". All this made many insiders call me "The Godfather of the online marketing in Poland".

During all those years of working with entrepreneurs I’ve found a need for simple yet flexible tools. There were no such tools in Poland. So in 2005 I’ve created FreeBOT/impleBOT, the e-mail marketing system used by 15K users managing 7,6M emails. In 2006 impleSITE - very simple yet surprisingly powerful CMS and in 2007 Ekademia, the first open commission based e-learning platform - years earlier that popular platforms from US.

Those SaaS systems were side projects that made my work with Clients easier. I sold them on the open market, but till 2019 I was more focused on developing them instead of promoting them.

When my best Clients asked for Whitelabel version of Ekademia, I understood we have market fit. So after multiple years of constant development, having multiple interconnected and tested in the battle SaaS tools for content marketing and marketing automation, I decided to focus all my energy and attention on growing SaaS toolbox for SMBs.

So in 2019 I’ve switched my strategy from “creating tools to support Clients of my training business” to: “Creating an ecosystem of tools and support it’s Clients with training”.
So this story for now ends on a... start of a new journey to grow: IMPLE.com - Integrated Content Marketing & Automation Platform.

One more thing. Note I user a word “Clients”, not “Customers”. I’m not in a business of servicing Customers, but in a business of nurturing Clients. Difference is night & day.
Full name:Piotr Majewski
Address:Łańcucka 12a/8, 80-809
Gdańsk, Poland
Web page:http://www.ventureday.com/@piotrmajewski
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