Life is a venture™
Have you started working on it?

We help successful business owners separate from day-to-day operations and prepare to scale.

Are you stuck in the Pit?

If your business dictates everything in your life - from where, how, with whom and when you work, to family time, personal time and even how healthy you eat... 

If your can't stop working in your business, nor have time to build it into a independent one...

... you are deep in the Pit

It's hard to Escape the Pit™ by yourself 

Accept these values if you want to MAKE the CHANGE


You have a true success if you are successful in your professional career, in your family life and personally... at the same time.

If you limit yourself to one or two of this areas of a true life, your life is not truly fulfilled.


Life should be a risky endeavour with potentially high reward. Otherwise it is just a wasted opportunity and talents.

There is a good reason for the saying  nothing ventured nothing gained   to exist.


Settling for a miserable career just because you have a family to feed is a bad idea. It will ruin you, your career... and your family. What creates your kids future are not things you bought, but an example you are.

If you struggle all your life because you are risk-averse, they are more likely to struggle too. If you are afraid of failures and mistakes, make them so your kids don't have to.


You will not achieve anything great and sustainable with random spurts. Getting & keeping success requires systematic work on a daily basis.

Occasional, short and intensive actions can raise you to a higher level, but will not keep you there.


If you are indispensable in your business, you are a slave of it. You are the business, and the business is the real owner of you. It doesn't mater, how much you earn. If you are needed daily, you DO NOT HAVE a business, at best you have a potential business, but it is probable you have a job with financial risk attached, with no paid vacation or a safety net.

Yes, being present and operationally involved in your business is the best and many times necessary way to find a market fit, train the team and set up all systems and procedures. But it should stop here. You should stop working in your business and start working on your business, because...


True freedom and wealth requires that you sacrifice a good part of your time and money on building strategies, brands, systems, teams, and procedures... which can all be summed with one word: ASSETS.

An asset earn money independent of your work. If you are the most valuable asset of your business, that is not (yet) a business. It can be, if you separate yourself from day-to-day operations. It you will not, the opportunity you have built will die leaving you with a job earning less and less money for more and more personal work.

How much money you should spend on building assets? All the profits after you satisy your personal and family needs. The less money you spend on building assets, the more time you have to put in. 

How much time you should spend on building assets? Ultimately all the time you spend on your business. That is a goal. First you have to separate yourself day-to-day operations to gain more and more time to work on you business.

How have we helped others?

It took 8 months to grow a Client from a full time trainer, coach and small business operator to a business owner that had to record 4 educational 5-8 minutes long videos and make 1 repeated webinar every month. The rest (producing, publishing and promoting those videos, running ads and e-mail marketing campaigns, even operate those webinars) was taken care by the team and automated systems.

It took another 10 months to quadruple yearly revenue of this business by repeating and optimizing the process set in those first 8 months.

How can we help you?

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